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After seeing a newspaper article on a Sunday in November, I knew I had to find this store. I have had problems with my feet aching and burning for several years. After stopping in and talking with the Schmitt's [owners of a Foot Efx store in St. Augustine, FL], I knew I had to give them a shot at my feet. After being fitted properly and ordering, I was waiting for them. It has been just two weeks since receiving them and I can hardly believe the difference. No burning or pin pricking on the bottoms of my feet. I cannot thank Darlene and Mark enough. This is the best my feet have been in several years. Thank you for all of your help and thank Foot Efx too.



I came in to Foot Efx a few weeks ago hoping that their orthotics would help prevent any foot pain when I hike or walk. I was planning to go hike up a mountain the following week. Usually after I hike or walk a long distance, I would have severe pain for weeks and then take anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain.

Last year I went to a foot doctor and was diagnosed with Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. After purchasing the orthotics from Foot Efx, and wearing them as directed, I have no experienced any pain - even after climbing a mountain in Georgia.

I'm confident that I can walk pain-free and want to thank Foot Efx for their product.

Patty S.


Instead of diamonds for my birthday, my husband bought me arch supports. I love the arch supports more!

Laurin G.


"I can't tell you what a difference [Foot Efx arch supports] made. I waddled into their store, walking on the sides of my aching feet. By the time these guys were finished, my feet weren't an issue at all. My legs felt better, I was walking in a straight line, and I was assured not to have a problem with black toe again. Rick and everyone at the Redlands Foot Efx store were great and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the help.

Steve Vaught - "The Fat Man Walking"


Dear Foot Fx,

I had the nicest phone conversation with Mr. Jerry Tate who works at the Atlanta store on the Stone Mountain Freeway. He was so helpful and competent. When I called about the Spira shoes and the Dr. Zen prices, he took time to look up the information and call me back. He was also not pushy at all, but very amenable to offer assistance.

What a really great employee and representative of your company.

Rita B. Schaefer


I have suffered from foot pain since I have been an electrical lineman. I have a high instep and have never sought treatment of any kind except that which I did on my own. When I first came into your store, I was at a level beyond, what I thought, was any hope. Right away just from the first five minutes, my wife and I were made to feel right at home. I deal a lot with all different types of people and in a dangerous industry that I am in, I have to know when someone is a true professional or are competent as to what they are representing.

Chris presented me with information that was clear and to the point. Just facts. From the start Chris developed a program with some products and developed a game-plan for their use. Two days later things were already starting to improve. Instead of starting to hurt after 2 hours, I could take 4 hours. Small as it may be, it meant the world to me. If I had not gone to Foot Efx and met Chris I could not have continued.

Thanks Foot Efx and a special thanks to you Chris for making it happen and constantly checking on me after the sale. Imagine that, service after the sale. It is hardly ever seen these days.

Forever indebted,

Craig R.


Hi, my name is Nancy. My Foot Efx arch supports have given me my life back. I've been to every kind of back doctor (osteopath, chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, acupuncturist, craniosacral therapist, massage therapist) for the past 10 years for my back without getting any pain relief.

Once I got my Foot Efx arch supports, my back pain went away immediately. I was found to have pronating ankles. These arch supports have been a miracle in my life. I can exercise, walk, or lift heavy objects without any pain whatsoever.

Now when I meet someone with foot or back problems, I make them promise me they will go to the Foot Efx store to see if they too can find the answer to their problem.

Thank you Foot Efx for giving me my life back. This has been a true miracle in my life.


Hi, my name is Ken and I'm in my 40's. Last year I got a treadmill and good running shoes. First my toes were rolling under.... and then later as the shoes broke in, the toes were rolling upward alot. Also I had wear on the outside of the feet and rough bottoms. All that changed with getting the inserts and relaxer. Toes back to normal and all of the foot is relaxed and smooth. Now I can do 10mile walk/run sessions with no problems and NO PAIN!!!

Thank you Foot Efx.



Hi, my name is Ross and I'm 11 years old. One of my favorite hobbies is skateboarding. I'm an active kid and I like to play outside but at night my feet were hurting me. My mom told me it was because my skateboarding shoes didn't give me good support so she took me to Foot Efx.

At Foot Efx they took prints of my feet and told me all this information on my feet. I wear my arch supports in my skateboarding shoes and now my feet don't hurt. Thank you Foot Efx.

Ross Tyler Broussard


I went in to a Foot Efx store today and talked to the store owner. He was great. I enjoyed visiting with him and he did a great job. He fitted me for a pair of shoes and the inserts. He sent my doctor a fax and they got the reply back and I was able to take my shoes home. I plan on going back next year and if I hear of someone with Diabetes, I will suggest Foot Efx to them.

James J.


I am a certified personal trainer and teach Pilates, yoga, tumbling and various fitness classes. I am a mother of two teenagers and lead a very active lifestyle. My body is my calling card. I need to be in great shape! I am paid to help people look good and feel good, therefore, I must look good and feel good. This became a huge challenge after I had an accident several years ago. I suffered head, neck and back injuries and have had to learn to manage my chronic pain. Thank God my mother introduced me to Foot Efx arch supports and cushions. (She had hip pain from a skiing accident.)

I have less pain and more energy. I also run daily in my Spira ladies Genesis running shoes and love the cushioning. I often get asked what my secret to staying fit is, I say it’s my 1.2.3 Foot Efx weight management program. 1. Shoes 2. Arch Supports 3. Cushions. In short, because I am pain free I feel great and am able to control my weight by being able to stay active and burn those excess calories. Over the years I have tried chiropractics, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage and more. If I ever received any relief from these it was temporary and very expensive!

With my Foot Efx products as part of my daily health and fitness regime, I have never felt better. I attribute my success to the realignment and shock absorbing benefits from my arch supports, cushions and shoes. I never go without them.

Cathy V.


I ran my first road race at the age of 13. I have been running off and on now for slightly more than 30 years. About 5 years ago I began feeling the effects of the many miles of pounding on my feet and knees. I noticed that during my runs the front part of my feet would begin to tingle and go numb, and more seriously, I began to have very sharp shooting pains in my knees. Over the course of a few years this slowly got worse and worse. I had always loved running, but know I found I was losing my motivation and did not look forward to running because of the pain. I had slowed down my running dramatically and was faced with the possibility of having to stop running all together. In fact, most any physical activity created pain in my knees at this point. Due to problems with high blood pressure, exercise was very important to my health, especially with a family history of heart disease.

Three years ago I discovered arch supports through family members. I began using a specific type of support designed for running and noticed an immediate difference. To this day I have never again experienced any tingling or numbness in my feet as I run. In addition, I have no sharp, shooting pains in my knees and have been able to continue running whereas I once began to believe I was at the end of the road.

A couple of months ago I began running in the new Spira running shoes. [Available at Foot Efx.] For the first time in many years I have been able to run comfortably on consecutive days, whereas, for some time I have had to have at least one day of rest in between runs. I am currently running as comfortably and pain free as I have for many years. Admittedly, running can be hard on your legs and joints and if I expect to continue running at my age, it’s very important that I reduce the impact on my feet and legs, and maintain proper alignment for my knees and hips. Because of the benefits I have received from the arch supports and the Spira running shoes, I feel better about my health and I feel better about my future.

Brian V.


Since I began wearing my inserts my feet feel as good at 9:00PM as they do at 9:00AM. My hips no longer hurt and I no longer have calluses on my heels or toes. They really work for me and I am very pleased with my personal results.

Mary M.


I'm completely amazed at how these arch supports help with the alignment of my lower back. My back pain is gone! Thank you.



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