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Symmetry Product Line

The Foot Efx Symmetry Product Line

The Symmetry product line is based on the original prototypes developed by a famous German orthopedic shoe designer and foot specialist. This design, with its unique waffle pattern underneath, has been proven to provide relief for thousands of foot pain and foot problem sufferers.

As part of the complete Foot Efx Arch Support System, the Symmetry Big Easy, the Symmetry Sport, Symmetry Plus and Symmetry XT actually exercise your arches with every step. Each of the four products provides a different level of firmness, support and stability. Symmetry products help relieve sore, tired and aching feet, as well as painful legs, ankles and knees. And, they can help ease heel pain, heel spurs, shin splits and other conditions caused by peak shock load.

The Symmetry Endurance is designed to:

Support all four arches

Align the 26 bones in the foot

Place the subtalar joint in a neutral position

Distribute your weight evenly over the foot

Seat the foot correctly in the shoe

The Symmetry Big Easy, Sport, Plus and XT, in addition to all those benefits provided by the Symmetry Endurance are also designed to:

Exercise the muscles of the foot

Improve circulation in the foot

Work best in combination with the Symmetry Endurance

A Foot Efx arch support and foot comfort specialist can help evaluate your needs, to insure that you get the right fit and support for your lifestyle.

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