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The Benefits Of Proper Support
No matter what your age, or what you do in life, you deserve to live pain free. You may be surprised to learn that lack of foot support is a major cause of chronic back, shoulder, neck, leg, knee and foot pain. Those old comfortable shoes may feel good on your feet, but walking in them without supports may be causing other problems that you attribute to past injuries, getting older or working hard. Many people are just walking away from problems that they could easily correct with the right kind of foot support.

The length, width and shape of your foot cause you to have unique pressure points that need their own kind of support. If you have tried to get by with supplied insoles, mass marketed supports, and one-size-fits-all solutions, you've likely already learned that they don't help. Inserts that are fitted merely by shoe size can never deliver the proper support that Foot Efx individually fitted arch supports provide. Over-the-counter shoe inserts may seem like a bargain, but those who have tried them know they are a waste of money.

Foot Efx Arch Supports are individually fit to your feet. When you visit a Foot Efx store, you'll get a complete foot analysis that measures and evaluates your foot across multiple pressure points. Your feet will be inspected for high arches, low arches, pronated feet, and a number of other common problems. This analysis will be used as a guide to ensure that your supports are individually fit across a series of dimensions including the heel, arch height, arch width and ball of your foot. Every arch support is guaranteed to provide the right amount of flexibility, rigidity and cushion to give your foot the proper support for the kinds of activities in which you're involved.

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