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Foot Efx of Savannah Receives Recognition From Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce (Savannah, Ga) Foot Efx of Savannah has been recognized by the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce as Small Business of The Year Honorable Mention. The company, which is owned by Carole Romig and Carol Kirchner, opened in May of 2001, and has seen a 73% growth in annual sales since its first year of business. The company strives to provide solutions to those who want to be more comfortable and active on their feet and in their lives, and works with people of all ages, and with various levels of activity levels, as well as with those who are dealing with illness or disability.

Foot Efx is a member of the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, and the Small Business Chamber. Carol Kirchner serves as a Board Member of the Savannah Music Festival, as well as a Board Member and Treasurer or the Arch Support Dealers Association. She was recently selected as a Board Member of the Foot Efx Franchise System's Advisory Board, and is Treasurer of the Savannah Village Homes Association.

Foot Efx carries shoes and inserts, known as orthotics, designed to help with foot problems, as well as leg and back pain, balance, and numerous other physical conditions. With statistics showing that 67% of the deaths of women over age 60 are related to broken hips, because of falls, many people are turning to orthotics to help with balance and reduction of falls. Others turn to Foot Efx for the simple reason of comfort. Many find that chronic back pain is immediately relieved upon the placing of orthotics in one's shoes.

"We feel very honored to be selected by the Chamber as one of the top small businesses of the year," says Kirchner. "Carole and I both truly believe in what we do, and enjoy the business. Its nice to be recognized for something we both love doing!"

Foot Efx can be reached at (912) 920-0065 and is located at 13015 Abercorn Street across from Armstrong State University.