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Foot Efx in the Community

Georgia representatives congratulate local Foot Efx owners.


Darlene Schmitt from Foot Efx in St. Augustine, FL with Spiderman and Batman at the 6th Annual Shore to Shore 5k run, which was co-sponsored by Darlene and her husband Mark. More pictures here.


Foot Efx store owner, Carol Kirchner and Foot Efx CEO, Steve Lebow conducting a Foot Odor Seminar in Savannah, GA


Judi Schuyler was delighted with her WFOY/WAOC Boom Box that she won from entering the drawing at the St. Augustine Foot Efx grand opening. The prize was presented by owners Darlene & Mark Schmitt.


Grand Opening of Foot Efx, St. Augustine


Steve Vaught stops in at the Foot EFx Las Vegas headquarters as he makes his way across the country. Steve started a cross-country walk in San Diego and has vowed to keep going until he reaches New York. He's walking to lose weight, change his lifestyle and become a husband and father with many years to give to his wife and children. Pictured here are Steve, the Foot Efx webmaster and Marcky, Steve's son.


Foot Efx is proud to support Armstrong Atlantic State University and Carol Kirchner and Carole Romig, Owners of Foot Efx in Savannah, GA on a recently conducted balance study. Check back for the results of that study.

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In Richmond, VA, Foot Efx storeowner, Ellen Lewis received an award in June 2004 from the National President of the American Diabetes Association. Receiving the award with the storeowner is Foot Efx, CEO, Steve Lebow.





In Savannah, GA, Foot Efx store owners Carole Romig and Carol Kirchner receive an honorable mention from the Chamber of Commerce for "Small Business of the Year." The Savannah Morning News said the Savannah store "doubled its annual sales" since opening for business in 2001.

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