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Diabetes Foot Care Products

Foot Efx Diabetic Foot Care Products

Expanding on the highly successful launch of the Foot Efx diabetic product line, we have shared our vision with the best in the industry.  Foot Efx stores carry a variety of stylish diabetic shoes and products where standard of quality is unsurpassed.  Many of the shoes have been awarded the APMA (American Podiatric Medicine Association) seal of acceptance. This seal informs physicians and consumers that our products maintain the quality, safety, and effectiveness that promote good foot health.

We invite you to give our shoes your own quality test. Simply click on the store location map to find a Foot Efx store near you.

Foot Efx Stylish Diabetic Shoes – throw those ugly shoes away!

At Foot Efx Foot Comfort Centers, we feel that it is not only important for you to feel good, but to  look good too.  Foot Efx stores carry some of the best looking diabetic shoes in the market.

Foot Efx stores around the country carry the Etonic DRx™ -- a totally new concept in walking shoes conceived and designed by a leading podiatrist, in conjunction with Etonic’s orthopedic design team, to promote complete foot health for the high risk diabetic foot.

The Etonic DRx™ line was inspired by Dr. Tom McGuigan, a leading Surgeon/Podiatrist, and a member of the Etonic Athletic Advisory Board. Dr. McGuigan envisioned a line of shoes that would provide comfort for patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis, and other foot problems. When Dr. McGuigan’s design features were incorporated with Etonic’s manufacturing expertise and ability to produce multiple width sizing for both men and women, the results were DRx™, a totally new concept in comfortable walking shoes.

Shoes in the DRx™ line have been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), and have been registered with the FDA. Additionally, each shoe meets the guidelines of the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill, and has been coded for billing, making consumers eligible for partial reimbursement from Medicare with a prescription from a primary care physician.

Foot Efx Heat Moldable Therapeutic Inserts

Another addition to the Foot Efx diabetic foot care product line is heat-moldable therapeutic inserts. These inserts are constructed to provide relief from pre-ulcerative foot lesions, corns, calluses or other sensitive areas, and provide comfort for sore, tired feet.  The Foot Efx inserts feature dual density construction to allow for superior cushioning and maximum comfort. The top layer is plastizote, a heat moldable surface to ensure a custom fit, and the bottom layer is corklite, a lightweight breathable material that provides stability.

Foot Efx Diabetic Socks

Foot Efx stores also offer a line of diabetic socks.  The Foot Efx diabetic socks are non-binding and made with seamless construction to minimize rubbing and irritation. Made with a special combination of polyester, lycra, microfibers and x-static (a fiber made from natural silver ions), the Foot Efx diabetic socks are therapeutic, helping to reduce swelling and soothe feet. They are also antimicrobial, thus eliminating odor and bacteria. The microfibers helps keep feet dry by wicking moisture away from the skin and the x-static fibers help regulate temperature - keeping feet warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.