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About Your Feet

Our feet are designed to move across uneven, earthy surfaces. The hard, inflexible surfaces that we regularly walk on today, such as concrete, tile or wood, leave our feet to absorb the shock of walking and running.

The Importance Of Alignment On Your Feet And Body
There are 28 bones in your foot and all of them work to balance your entire body. When these bones are in alignment you are able to absorb the shock of each step and still maintain proper balance and alignment in the rest of your body.

As the foundation of your body, if your feet are not in alignment your entire skeletal structure becomes misaligned. This forces your body to try to compensate for the lack of balance which can lead to fatigue or foot, knee, hip or back pain.

Foot Efx Arch Supports give your feet crucial stability for any activity or sport and offer a solution to many common foot problems.