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Children's Arch Supports

Foot Efx Children's Lifestyle Arch Supports

Is your child complaining of sore, tired, or aching feet? Are you concerned that your child would rather be indoors watching T.V. instead of playing outside? Weight bearing pressure on the feet can make your child's feet tired and sore, discouraging participation in active sports and recreational activity. Foot Efx Children's Lifestyle Arch Supports help young children enjoy their daily activities comfortably - encouraging participation in active recreation, thus developing good lifelong habits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

The California Podiatric Medical Association reports that approximately 80 percent of children of ALL ages have trouble with their feet because of improper footwear. Did you know that by the age of six, about 30 percent of all children have foot disorders that require professional treatment due to improper footwear? Children's feet grow rapidly, as often as two to three sizes a year beginning at about 12 months of age. The growth of a young child's foot is sporadic, with the most rapid period of growth occurring within the first 10 years. The correct choice of children's footwear, including arch supports, can play a pivotal role in developing normal feet.


As children grow, they need footwear that provides a healthy environment for proper bone development. Many minor childhood issues like growing pain, night pain, heel pain and even back pain can be prevented. Foot Efx Children's Lifestyle Arch Supports are developed by orthopedic and podiatric experts. The supports are particularly resilient and flexible, allowing the free play of the foot's muscles and thus strengthening them while providing optimal support needed for balance, stability and durability - because kids will be kids.