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Balance and Seniors



Individuals are living longer, and expecting more out of life. Some seniors are not getting the most out of life because of foot related pain or loss of balance and stability.

Many times the pain you are experiencing is because as we age our muscles lose their elasticity and ability to painlessly keep you up and going.

The Symmetry is designed to put your foot in a correct position thereby taking pressure off the hot spots that cause foot, knee, hip and back pain. And by having a solid foundation with your feet, you can gain back some of the balance and stability that you may have lost due to age. 

A clinical study done at Armstrong Atlantic State University showed a marked INCREASE in BALANCE and STABILITY and a DECREASE in foot, knee, hip and back pain when using the Symmetry product.

Whether it is playing a round of golf or playing with your grandchildren, Foot Efx is here to help you claim back your life.

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